Bojanowski Marie-France

Artist Name

Bojanowski Marie-France

Residency Program Title

Swiss artists-in-labs program 2011

Residency Program



Institute Lab Title

Native Systems Group (NSG), ETH Zürich

Artistic Background

Scientific Discipline

Computer Science



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M.Bojanowski 002

M.Bojanowski 003

M.Bojanowski 004



Marie-France Bojanowski is an artist from Montreal based in Zurich since 2006. She has been active at the crossroads of art, design, filmmaking and information technology for more than 20 years. Marie-France privileges a transdisciplinary creative process where ideas can be challenged from different human, social, cultural and scientific perspectives.
She is a founder and artistic director of Montreal-based collective Farine Orpheline (1996-2006) with who she conducted various time-based storytelling projects internationally in city neighbourhoods, derelict factories, museums, psychiatric hospital and boat. These include soundwalks, performed installations, exhibitions and media devices. Marie-France created >100 short and medium documentary films for North-American and European channels, as well as media installations for scenic purposes.



Marie-France developed an immersive panoramic experience with photography and brain-interaction using EEG sensors. This led her to ideate a tangible media for haptic neurofeedback, a research project that was granted funding from the Hasler Foundation to develop a prototype with ETH engineers. She is currently pursuing this research on haptic interaction with an object aiming at enhancing our connection to the present moment.