Potemkina Anastasia

Artist Name

Potemkina Anastasia

Residency Program Title

Russian-Swiss Residency Exchange

Residency Program




Institute Lab Title

Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, Phytopathology Group

Artistic Background

Scientific Discipline

Plant pathogens



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Urban Fauna Laboratory is a collective formed in 2011 in Moscow by the artists Alexey Buldakov and Anastasia Potemkina. The group acts as a multidisciplinary platform engaged in the exploration of parasitic and symbiotic relationships in the urban environment and their associated adaptations. The artists investigate cultural status of animals and plants, and the economic, architectural, and political implications of cohabitation between species in the city beyond traditional notions in ecology. Anastasia Potemkina represented Urban Fauna Lab at WSL.



Anastasia Potemkina explored WSL’s research on invasive pathogens and their effects on the ecosystem. Her artistic work emerged from the collaboration with the scientists and revolved around their main research topics, while she further explored the Urban Fauna Lab’s ongoing investigations into the social status of animals and plants. Her main focus lied on the networks of funghi and the artistic connotations. Final act of her residency was a live-cooking session and presentation with the WSL researcher Simone Prospero at the Cultural Pavilleon in Zurich.