Rickli Marcel

Artist Name

Rickli Marcel

Residency Program Title

Master Series 2023

Residency Program



Institute Lab Title

Ecosystem and Landscape Evolution Group, ETH Zürich

Artistic Background

Photography, Installation

Scientific Discipline




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Marcel Rickli Aeon 12

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Doku A Ph F 20 0003

Marcel Rickli


Since 2011, Marcel Rickli (*1986) has been exploring the ways in which we are fundamentally changing our planet in an ongoing series of photographic field studies. The energy and resource requirements of humanity and their resulting environmental impacts, which are often severe and irreversible, form the leitmotif of his work.

In previous works, Marcel Rickli trained his camera on ore mining in Sweden, which results in massive land subsidence and has even caused the resettlement of an entire city (“Kiruna / 2015”), as well as on brown coal mining in Germany, to which entire landscapes are sacrificied (“Lausitzer Braunkohlerevier / 2015”).

New hopes in the fight against climate collapse have also caught his attention: pictures of the world’s largest wind farm in the Gobi Desert and a Chinese solar power plant that couldn’t be more futuristic illustrate what the energy revolution could look like (“Ambivalent / 2017 – 18”). Rickli’s work impressively captures an epoch in which humankind has become the most important influencing factor on our planet’s biological, geological and atmospheric processes: the Anthropocene.