Wolf Oliver

Artist Name

Wolf Oliver

Residency Program Title

Swiss artists-in-labs Programm 2010

Residency Program



Institute Lab Title

Artificial Intelligence LAB (AILAB), University of Zürich

Artistic Background

Scientific Discipline

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence



O.Wolf 006

O.Wolf 009

O.Wolf 007

O.Wolf 005

O.Wolf 001

O.Wolf 002

O.Wolf 003

O.Wolf 004


Oliver "Olsen" Wolf is currently a PhD Student at the Queen Mary University of London. He studied at the ZHdK (2005) and artist-in-lab at the Artificial Intelligence Lab (University of Zurich 2010). In 2007 he created a science-fiction group called "Sesselastronaut" to focus on how technical objects could become “antennas for the imagination” in two ways. One way is the futuristic, visionary, and euphoric qualities of techné, (automatons, cosmonautics and cognitive science research). The other way it is through the construction of sculptures, objects, and installations that play with an imaginary surplus: realities and fictions produced by the affective qualities of technological objects. His research is about ways to create an opening so we can look at technological objects as more than inanimate collections of atoms and molecules.