Comte Claudia

Artist Name

Comte Claudia

Residency Program Title

Russian - Swiss Residency Exchange 2015

Residency Program




Institute Lab Title

Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology of the Ural Division IPAE, Russian Academy of Sciences

Artistic Background

Sculpting, Installation

Scientific Discipline




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Claudia Comte grew up near Lausanne and lives and works today in Berlin. Her work is defined by her interest on the memory of materials and by a careful observation of how the hand relates to different technologies. Her body of work is best known for her site-specific installations. Claudia's practice is guided by a distinct rule-measurement system of her own creation, wherein each artwork specifically relates to one another. Her minimalist approach to art making is equal parts methodical and dynamic; works are infused with a distinct sense of playfulness. Claudia's artistic output incorporates a diverse range of mediums from sculpture, to painting, to various multimedia installations.



Claudia Comte explored the IPAE’s research activities in the reconstruction of past climatic conditions using ultralong tree-ring chronologies, ecological studies of the upper and polar tree-line dynamics in Ekaterinburg. Her artistic investigation evolved around the tensions and forces the wood is submitted to in its natural habitat and in her artistic process with the wood as working material. Claudia joined the scientists on their field trips to the Ural region and also explored their research in the Laboratory of Dendrochronology.